Work with me

I'm a software developer. Usually I am creating web apps that are a bit more complicated than a regular portfolio website.

I've taken part in creating few products from scratch as a co-founder so I am used to wearing many hats.

You can count on me not only when it comes to web development but also in understanding the business and trying to improve it, boost sales and think outside of the box during the process.


The fastest way to get in touch with me is to send me an email with your project details to or drop me a message via LinkedIn.

What I actually do

I am solid, fast and reliable. You can expect:

  • Quickly delivered code - Small iterations.
  • Frontend, Backend - I can write code on both sides of the web if needed.
  • Clean code - Following best coding principles, containing short functions, descriptive variables. Easy to extend and maintain.

Tech stack

I am using Typescript whenever I can, along with Svelte and Angular frameworks. When it comes to backend I am most comfortable with Nest.js

I also have some experience with AppsScript for creating Google Workspace addons and Java Spring backend.